Top 10 Jobs for College Students

#1. Sales Reps

Sales is one of the most rewarding professions, because it often doesn’t require prior experience and teaches transferable skills that can come in handy in any career. For example, the College Sales Executive position at Be Your Own Boss, the College Program of TransNational Payments, is designed specifically for college students that are looking to make money while still having time to study and make the most of their social life. Besides enjoying a flexible schedule, you will gain valuable B2B experience that will make post-graduation job searching that much easier.

#2. Marketing Intern

If you’re you a social media guru, like working with people and want to create something that truly matters, this may interest you. The Marketing Specialist Intern at Be Your Own Boss is a full-fledged opportunity that will help build your resume and give you a chance to apply your classroom experience in a real world setting. You get to create, develop and execute your own marketing plan, as well as improve your critical thinking ­skills and gain proficiency in a variety of analytical tools.

#3. Resident Assistant

Whether it’s a personal issue or a conflict, a good RA if often the student’s first point of contact (especially for freshmen). If you want to help fellow students and potentially get cheaper tuition and room and board, becoming an RA is a good option. However, keep in mind that this role can be stressful and unpredictable, especially considering you technically live where you work.

#4. Peer Tutor

Do you excel at a certain subject area? Want to help fellow students do the same? Become a peer tutor and share your wealth of knowledge with others. It’s a great way to solidify your understanding of the subject while gaining experience teaching others, which is especially great if you plan to pursue a career in education. The downside is that compensation can be limited and often requires you to qualify for federal work-study to apply.

#5. Campus Tour Guide

Making money and getting those 10,000 steps in every day has never been easier. Tour guides get to show off their campus to prospective students while answering questions about different aspects of college life. However, these tours may take a while, depending of the size of your campus, and they usually happen rain or shine. Plus, you also have to be a real people person, since you’ll be communicating with many of them on a daily basis.

#6. Library Assistant

Already spending a lot of time at your campus library? Consider becoming a library assistant. You could be in charge of various tasks, ranging from answering questions from visitors to checking out books and publications. While this job does provide some extra peace and quiet over other roles, those looking for an opportunity to earn as much as they want on their own time should probably look elsewhere.


This is a popular role not just among college students, but really anyone who is good with kids and wants to make some extra cash supervising them for a few hours. The good part is that the amount you make is often negotiable, you can choose how often you want to accept babysitting jobs and you can have multiple clients, however, chances are you will be required to work evenings and weekends, which can interfere with your study and social schedule.

#8. Barista

Practically every college town these days has a Starbucks in addition to a plethora of other coffee shops and cafes. It’s a good opportunity to practice your people skills and you may even get some discounted food and drinks along the way. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect much above the minimum wage, plus some customers can be difficult to deal with at times and the hours tend to start on the earlier side of the day, which typically isn’t a college student’s favorite time to do anything other than sleep, much less work.

#9. Waiter

Similarly to the previous position, this role comes with an even greater variety of places to work and make money. Again, the base pay is frequently tied to minimum wage, which leaves you at the mercy of your customers for tips if you want to make any real money. This job requires a lot of energy, and you don’t always have control over your shift schedule. Choose wisely, especially if you really want that extra time to study or party.

#10. Lifeguard

If you are a great swimmer and don’t mind hanging out by the pool a lot, becoming a lifeguard can be a good option. Prepare to spend much of the time on the sidelines, but also be able to act at a moment’s notice in the event of emergency. Unlike other jobs on this list, this one comes with stricter skill requirements, including CPR and lifeguard certifications, so you won’t be able to dive in right away if you don’t meet the qualifications.