Incentives + Pay

Be Your Own Boss instills life skills and allows for flexible schedules, all while providing business-to-business (B2B) experience that will help in any field of study you choose. Did we mention you get paid almost instantly?

How Am I Paid?

There are a few different ways you are paid at Be Your Own Boss. The first way is pretty simple, you are paid per valid business payment processing statement. Once you submit a valid statement through the Be Your Own Boss Sales Portal you will be notified (usually within 72 hours) whether or not the statement is valid. You will then see a direct deposit in your bank account for each valid statement. Nice, right? Even better, any time TransNational Payments “closes” on one of your leads, you get paid again!


Still not convinced? Have we mentioned the...

Prizes (need a new Xbox for your dorm room or a new TV for your frat house?)
Spring Break Trips
Gift Cards
Scholarship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities

Other Students Have Asked...

What earning potential is available to college students?

For the College Sales Executive position, working an average of 20 hours a week (keep in mind, when students put in these hours is 100% up to them), we have been able to calculate that students will be able to get on an average of 4 statements a week. And for the statements alone (not including the additional pay students receive should these prospects turn into TransNational Payments’ merchants), students can add over $5k to their pocket annually. In addition to this, based on a 20% TransNational Payments Direct Sales close ratio, students have potential to add another $4k to their bank accounts. The best part is the student isn’t doing any work at this point as the responsibility now falls on TransNational Payments’ sales reps.

How do I get started?

Simply click here, fill out our form and attached your resume!