Why the BYOB Brand Ambassador Program?

Things to Look for in a College Brand Ambassador Program

The equation is a good start, but there are other signs to look for when spotting a brand ambassador program that is worth your time. If only there were a cheat sheet! Oh wait, there is…



Good Sign: The program actually pays you AND is something you want to put on your resume.

Bad Sign: The program pays you…with free t-shirts or coupons and is promoting something, like pizza, that you don’t exactly want to spill on your resume.


Good Sign: The program recruits through normal hiring channels or college recruiting sites like Handshake, University Beyond or WayUp.

Bad Sign: The program recruits at a table in the student center with a cute guy who smiles at you (okay, maybe some of that is good).


Good Sign: The program puts you in a position to grow your real-world skills by collecting feedback from users or making presentations.

Bad Sign: The program puts you in the position of begging your friends to buy stuff so you can get paid.


Good Sign: The company has a cool concept, one that helps connect people, entertain people or promote environmental sustainability.

Bad Sign: The company has cool beers they want you to promote by wearing tight pants and low cut tops at parties and bars.

Are you ready to become part of our Be Your Own Boss Brand Ambassador team? We promise, it will be worth your time!