Recruiting BYOB College Sales Executives

How to Recruit Sales Executives 

Why be a BYOB College Sales Executive?

Easy $

  • Potential to make a ton of money, while in school, on your own time.
  • All you have to do is make calls, and watch the money come in.
  • The more you call, the more money you will make. All $ earned is dependent on your own work ethic
  • Unlimited potential of money. All salary is based on a commission model
  • Model is as follows: $25 for every statement you receive, additional $125 for every statement that converts to TNP

[Example: You receive 5 statements per week. You are guaranteed $125 (5 x 25) that week. If 3 of those statements convert to TNP, you will receive an additional $375 (3 x 125) that week. Based on 5 statements per week, with a 60% conversion rate, you will make $500.]

Business 2 Business Experience

  • As a sales executive, you will be talking to business owners on a daily basis
  • This is the best way to add to your communication skills and learn how to communicate in a business environment
  • You will get first hand experience into the real business world, credit card systems, and how small-medium size businesses operate internally
  • Working in this B2B model will allow each sales executive to build connections and network themselves

    Post Grad Career
  • TransNational Payments & BYOB are looking to help out their best college sales executives. If you bring in great numbers, and provide valuable experience to the company, a potential after college job offer could be in your future
  • This could be a gateway to a career in sales. This program provides the best possible sales experience for anyone who may be interested in furthering their career in sales, no matter where that may be.
  • This job will get you prepared for a career after college. It will test your work ethic and ability to communicate in a business fashion. There is no better way to get prepared for the real world than as a Sales Exec with BYOB

Tremendous Resume Builder

  • This position is competitive and not for the weak. It is a great way to add experience and give yourself an edge on your resume
  • BYOB sales executive position is highly respected and other businesses will take notice of the work that you will be putting in
  • Not only does this add additional job experience for your resume, but it also allows you to add skills, such as: sales experience, business communications, marketing strategies, cold-calling, etc.
  • Adding “BYOB Sales Executive” will stand out to prospective employers, especially in an industry centered around sales