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Be Your Own Boss is the College Program of TransNational Payments.

Our program provides job opportunities to college students, offering professional experience focused around sales and marketing, crucial for landing post graduation careers.

Your major doesn't matter – we help students gain the foundational knowledge and experience that will set them apart from others post graduation.

Impressive Pay

As a college student money can be tight, at Be Your Own Boss when a valid statement is received and approved, money is directly deposited into your bank account. How cool is that?

Flexible Schedules

We understand that balancing a full class schedule, not to mention a social life, can be difficult. That’s why at Be Your Own Boss you set your own schedule. You create the path to your own success, we are just here to help.

24/7 Training

Don’t stress about prior experience – one of the ways we encourage our team to build their skillset is to make the most of our year-round, available 24/7, training resources. Join our team and start training today!

B2B Work Experience

Gain real life B2B work experience that no college course will teach you! Be Your Own Boss gives you the opportunity to build skill sets you can apply to any career you may choose – get ahead of the game with us today!

Personal Growth

Be what you are capable of. Be successful. Be experienced. Be better prepared to enter the workforce and to repay your student loan. What do you want to be when you graduate? Be Your Own Boss.

Post Graduation

Whether you choose to continue with your success at Be Your Own Boss on a more full time basis or pursue a career with TransNational Payments – the opportunities for you post graduation are endless!