Marketing Internship

Are you looking for a marketing internship opportunity? One that will build your resume post graduation? If you have the drive and desire to develop your own marketing plan,  are looking to experiment using a variety of marketing tactics and to be part of an amazing team, Be Your Own Boss, the College Program of TransNational Payments, may be the right fit for you.

Position: Marketing Specialist Internship
Location: One per college campus, remote work assignment

Duties of Position: The responsibility of this position is to generate awareness and ultimately increase demand for Be Your Own Boss by increasing the applicants to the Be Your Own Boss website. Develop your own marketing plan, all while gaining B2B experience across a wide range of marketing tactics:

  • Promote Be Your Own Boss, the College Program of TransNational Payments through various marketing tactic;
  • Increase the social media following for Be Your Own Boss through various tactics;
  • Create content in the form of blogs, articles and social media;
  • Submit approved content on student sites for publishing;
  • Scheduled check-in calls with management for the first three months,  in addition to 24/7 access to our Marketing Portal where questions can be sent in at any time.

Spread the word of Be Your Own Boss, whether it be through social media, college blogs, school newspapers, word of mouth through friends, family and classmates, through your sorority or fraternity, or by leveraging your student common area — all marketing tactics are acceptable so get creative!

The how and the when are up to you, all we want to see is your marketing plan including your marketing tactics and platforms.

What You Will Gain: Critical thinking and marketing assessment skills — once your marketing plan is approved and executed, we can provide you with the results. We will track the results of your marketing plan using a variety of analytic and data tools. Great resume builder!

Company Description: Be Your Own Boss is the College Program of TransNational Payments, an industry leading payment processing company. The College Sales Executives of Be Your Own Boss focus on the early stages of the TransNational Payments’ sales process — getting payment processing statements from local small to medium-sized businesses.

Education Requirements: In order to apply for this position, you must currently be enrolled (at a minimum) as a sophomore in a U.S. University, College or Community College – juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply as well!

Experience Requirements: N/A (we provide all the training you need)

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